About the Book

Three's a Crowd: Revised and Extended Edition (2008)

Available in Paperback: 198 pages
Kindle edition: $6.00
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.; Revised edition (March 4, 2008)
Author: Leslie Lee Sanders


Marcus Landon and Brian Renner are college students and are in love. Marc's an insecure an anxious cutie. Brian's a beautiful, blond sex god who has no one on his mind but his lover, Marc, until the girls get tangled up in their lives.

Janice White has a huge crush on Marc which ultimately leads them to explore the menage a trois. The last thing Janice envisions happens; she falls in love with both Marc and Brian.

Follow the fascinating and sexual events on a rollercoaster of ups and downs that affects the lives of these love crazed college students. Come . . . follow the Crowd. You're sure to be thrilled!

For the free serial that takes place after the book, visit the website: www.threesacrowd3.com.