Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tantalizing Thursday: Final Weekly Promo And Giveaway!! #3ACB

Okay people.. Its been too quiet here lately except for the catfight between a couple ladies here who shall remain nameless. *grin*

Besides I love hearing or reading about a good catfight, lol....please continue on with catfight...

I am in need some action here. So I am going to do something a little different ..

This week will be the final fist fight.. (Thanks Elaine and Cecile!) I mean the final round to be entered for your chance to win any of the gift certificate on the books that have been promoted this month.

So ladies and any gents.. Get you recruiting hats on and start recruiting, tweeting with the tag #3ACB and leave some of the crazy comments I have been come to love reading.

Only two or more books left to be promoted and at the end; there can only be one winner! Will that winner be you?

Ready. . . . Set . . . . Go!!!

The Taming of Taylon
By: Leila Brown
Other books by Leila Brown
Published By: Changeling Press LLC
Published: Nov 29, 2010
ISBN # 9781605214931

Read online excerpt and buy now from ARe

Book Summary

For the price of their blood -- and their sex -- the Changelings protect the inhabitants of Chimera from things far worse than the denizens of this backwoods planet could ever imagine.

When Taylon is captured and sent to participate in the Gathering, her first thought is to fight. And she has the means -- unlike the natives of Chimera she's capable of resisting the compulsions used by these giant Vampiric Werecats. But how can she resist the seduction of the most handsome man -- Changeling -- she's ever seen? Can she survive four weeks at his mercy -- and not want to stay forever?


  1. **thinking**
    you have got to be kidding me,first some new fangled Kung-Fu now this
    **struggles to loosen ropes**
    **shakes sleeve and blade comes out,starts cutting through ropes**

    **watches Cecile pacing back and forth. careful not to get caught**

    **thinking** She thinks she's won

    **cuts through ropes and gets free**

    **tackles Cecile to the floor,rips sleeve off shirt and gags Cecile**

    Now you can't mutter your magic spells.**ties her arms behind her back with rope**
    **gets up**

    Your planned back didn't think I'd come prepared for your tricks
    **leans down over Cecile**
    I'm always prepared **straightens up, wipes blood off blade on pants**

    Stop ticking me off....face it, you've lost,I've won **sticks out tongue**

  2. I forgot...(I'm



  3. **Shakes head**

    Mutters under the gag...

    Don't you know I have been in worst situations, do you know what type of men I... I mean books I read....

    **Cecile twists... and turns... And wiggles around and slowly everything slips off... as if magic!**

    **Cecile stands up...**

    Elaine honey... Let's face it... I am not sure either one of us will win this... We both know our way around our books... Why don't we just call it even... I know you are hiding more up your sleeve than you want people to know... While I don't mind bearing my *cough* assets...

    What do you say.....

    OH and before I forget... if you ladies have not gotten it yet... We are serious followers... lol!