Friday, December 03, 2010

Final Friday Promo And Giveaway!! #3ACB

Okay people.. Its been too quiet here lately except for the catfight between a couple ladies here who shall remain nameless. *grin*

Besides I love hearing or reading about a good catfight, lol....please continue on with catfight...

I am in need some action here. So I am going to do something a little different ..

This week will be the final fist fight.. (Thanks Elaine and Cecile!) I mean the final round to be entered for your chance to win any of the gift certificate on the books that have been promoted this month.

So ladies and any gents.. Get you recruiting hats on and start recruiting, tweeting with the tag #3ACB and leave some of the crazy comments I have been come to love reading.

Only two or more books left to be promoted and at the end; there can only be one winner! Will that winner be you?

Ready. . . . Set . . . . Go!!!

Wolf Magick

By: Cynthia Cooke
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Published By: Harlequin
Published: Nov 01, 2010
Read online excerpt and buy now from ARe

"Come to us Rena. We've been waiting for you."

Rena has heard the whispers in her nightmares for years, ever since the night her mother disappeared. She hopes studying at Vindecare, a school for witches, will finally stop the voices and help her to control her abilities. At last she has a chance at a new life--and maybe a relationship with Kaydin, the undeniably sexy gallery owner helping Rena with her art.

But Kaydin has dark secrets of his own, intimately connected to Rena's nightmares. The shapeshifter saved the young witch's life once, a mistake he's bound to correct. Even if Rena makes him long with desire he hasn't felt for centuries....


Star Flyer by Bonnie Dee
Buy from MBaM!
Read An Excerpt Online
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic, Gay-Lesbian
ISBN: 978-1-60504-673-0
Length: Category
Price: 4.50
Publication Date: October 6, 2009
Cover art by Kanaxa

Two men on trajectory for an explosive collision…

Still mourning the loss of his lover to invading forces, Marr Hingo operates his farm under a dictatorship while keeping his mind—and feet—planted firmly on the ground. Spring arrives right on schedule, bringing with it something completely unexpected—an unconscious pilot from a downed star jet. Unable to bring himself to give up the handsome aviator to searching troops, Marr hides him in the barn’s cellar.

The last thing Davan Siedel remembers before ejecting is getting in a couple of good blasts against a Galactic Forces F150. He wakes to find his vague memory of being carried by an angel wasn’t far off the mark. A tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed farmer has brought him to safety and is tending his injured leg.

The attraction between solid, earthy Marr and clever, quicksilver Davan catches them off guard—and their sexual union is as sweet as it is powerful. Yet the longer Davan lingers, the tighter the enemy’s web grows, threatening their love, their freedom…and their lives.

Warning: Contains hot male/male loving, sweet sexual healing, a down-to-earth farmer who knows how to wield a…plow, a smart-mouthed pilot with fast…jets.


  1. **hands on hips**


    **lifts hand up in air waves them around**

    all this and you want to call it even..have you read the synopsis of all these books. Checked out the hot covers??

    **stomps foot**
    you're kidding right??
    You're just doing this to set me up..What are you up to?
    **looks around and backs away**

    Nope..I know you..You're up to no good.

    **tries that crazy new Kung-fu move she used on me**
    **misses and clips Cecile's chin**

    Oops...that didn't go as planned

    ok ok **hands palms up,out in front**

    **Cecile giving me the evil eye**

    uh oh!



  2. What did you think, that you could try my own moves on me.... lol.. It does not work that way Little Grasshopper, lol. It bodes well to remember that... hehehehe

    Seriously... Seriously... I did read all those covers. I was saving the best moves for last because I knew I could kick your a**... But, we are friends after all... And I am tried of answering the questioning at the Lair about the FEW bruises I have on my body... They are not liking those...

    In fact, they want a few words with you.... Oh yeah. Not in a good way... (((heheheh Elaing is in trouble... Elaing is in trouble)))

    Okay... I will not give up on kicking your butt though... Just might have to change tactics, lol!

    Oh and before I get to far gone... I am a follwer!