Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Promo + Giveaway!! #3ACB

I am going to give one lucky commenter/minion a chance to win a ebook gift certificate from MBaM or from ARe depending on which book title chosen by the winner.

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Now onto today's promo:

Undertow by Moira Rogers
Building Sanctuary Series
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
October 05, 2010
ISBN # 9781609282165
Read Online Excerpt and Buy now from ARe

Being needed isn’t half as desirable as being wanted.

Building Sanctuary, Book 2

Victor left behind a life of crime to focus on a new vision—helping his alpha build an island sanctuary for werewolves. Harsh experiences prepared him for the hardships involved, except when it comes to dealing with the young female refugees of the brutal Boston pack—especially Simone, who rouses his inner wolf like no other. A woman he must resist, or risk becoming just the latest man to make demands on her.

Born to wealth and privilege, Simone lost everything when she fell for the seductive whispers of the textile heir who turned her. Once adrift, now she is fired by a new sense of purpose—the chance to broker peace between werewolves and European wizards. Yet even as Europe beckons, her instincts—the same ones that led to trouble before—keep drawing her back to Victor.

During a sailing trip to the mainland for supplies, Victor finds it impossible to hold himself aloof from the warm, engaging Simone. And when a winter storm traps them together during a full moon, she breaks through his walls so easily and completely, the question is no longer how he’ll stay away, but how he’ll let her go.

Warning: This novella contains werewolves engaged in such improbable (but legal) activities as lobster fishing and sailing during nor’easters. The breaking and entering and instinct-driven sex on every surface in someone else’s summer cottage is a little more criminal.


  1. I still need to read this series.
    But this does sound really good.



  2. Ohhhh **raises hands** Please me memememememe!
    Okay okay... I would like to be entered please!
    I am a follower!

  3. I have read the first book in the series and I love all the covers, thez look beautiful! :-D

    Please enter me, I'm an old follower

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