Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tempting Tuesday! Final Weekly Promo And Giveaway! #3ACB

Okay people.. Its been too quiet here lately except for the catfight between a couple ladies here who shall remain nameless. *grin*

Besides I love hearing or reading about a good catfight, lol....please continue on with catfight...

I am in need some action here. So I am going to do something a little different ..

This week will be the final fist fight.. (Thanks Elaine and Cecile!) I mean the final round to be entered for your chance to win any of the books that have been promoted this month.

So ladies and any gents.. Get you recruiting hats on and start recruiting, tweeting with the tag #3ACB and leave some of the crazy comments I have been come to love reading.

Only six or more books left to be promoted and there can only be one winner! Will that be you?

Ready. . . . Set . . . . Go!!!

Razor's Edge by Jayne Rylon
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Genre: Romantic Suspense, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60928-252-3
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50
Publication Date: November 23, 2010
Cover art by Natalie Winters

There’s a thin line between protection and betrayal…and they’re dancing on it.

Men in Blue, Book 2

Isabella’s marriage to the wealthiest man in the state looked fairytale perfect. Only she knows the truth behind the nightmare forcing her to run with the clothes on her back, the scars on her body and no one to trust. Not even her own father.

When the man hunting her has unlimited resources, hiding in plain sight is a wise choice. Isabella basks in the protection of the limelight as an instructor on a pro-am TV dance competition. Perfect plan, except her ornery partner is packing moves she never learned in any studio.

chemistry challenges his detached composure.
A rookie mistake in the line of duty earned Razor months of rehab and a healthy distrust of innocent-looking women. Determined to prove to his fellow men in blue his green has worn off, he goes undercover as Isabella’s dance partner to investigate her possible involvement in a sex-slavery ring. But as he attempts to cozy up for information, their instant

An attempt on her life should have cleared the air. Instead it muddies the waters even more, forcing them both to trust each other. And depend on the one thing Razor thought he’d lost. His instinct.

Warning: This book contains ultra-sexy young cops, who aren’t afraid to show a girl their best moves on and off the dance floor.

And here's a video for all you sexy . . . . .


  1. **bucks Cecile off**
    Good lord,have you put on some weight **evil smile**(knowing that will piss her off)

    **lifts fist**
    This sound like a hot book with hot cops..ohhhh they do have handcuffs
    right up your ally Cecile **laughter**

    ouf..#%*@ **grabs stomach**
    Come on,you know that's true..just ask your tribesmen on your blog,or was it the weight dig you didn't like
    **lifts chin,laughing**

    **kicks out,knocking Cecile back,landing on and breaking table**
    **Cecile swipes at drop of blood on her lip**

    Bring it

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  2. **Licks up the remaining blood... Remember I love vampires too**

    **The evil gleam is in the Hussy's eye... She stands looking at Elaing... You want to play dirty huh...**

    Yes, I do love handcuffs... as much as I love being the one to come out on top...

    **Cecile swoop kicks Elaing's legs and watches her fall on her ass... and giggles**

    Come on old lady... You know bones start breaking at your age, lol... And I am not sure this book is for you honey... You might get to hot and bothered and die on me... ***Giggles**

    **Cecile slides behind Elaing and whispers**

    Elaing honey, you know what I will do for a book.. I will do **looks right, looks left** ANYTHING....