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Review of High Line by T. A Chase

High Line by T. A. Chase

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Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (February 17, 2009)

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High Line is book two of the Love of Sports series. This book partially explores the love life of Garrett Johnson—the movie star twin brother of all-star basketball player Kasey Johnson from the first book.

In High Line, Garrett is getting hands on training as a race car driver for research for his next movie. CJ Lamont, the best driver on the NASCAR circuit, is the man providing the training. Sparks fly as sexual attraction between the two starts immediately. But there’s a problem, CJ’s not gay . . . or at least that’s how he lives in the public eye.

Life spirals out of control for CJ after his bitter wife publically outs him, but Garrett, dealing with his ex’s self-destructive overindulgences, comes to CJ’s rescue. As their bond becomes stronger, CJ has to choose between love and career. As much as I enjoy reading about hottie Garrett Johnson, High Line is the story of CJ’s journey.

Since reading book one of the series, I fell in love with Garrett and upon finishing book two I became obsessed with him. He definitely made the story for me even though CJ shared the spotlight. Their relationship starts out slow, very slow with a few glances and flirts here and there. Then it builds up to a few touches and a kisses. With the first book, I complained about the lack of tension between characters but, my gosh, it took over 50 percent of the book to finally get to some loving for these two.

It’s very similar to the first book in that the messages speaks loud and clear to the reader, “Gay men love sports and are people too. Stop the hate!” The main characters of each book deal with prejudices, ruined careers, double lives, people they work with trying to shame them and pure hate.

It also parallels with the lovemaking styles. Now I know Garrett and Kasey are twins but come on. Each couple uses the same positions, the same techniques, and they both use melted liquid to lick off of their lovers in a hotel room. In both books one of the lovers is surprised by a fancy dinner in a hotel room, and the most annoying . . . not everyone falls asleep immediately after climaxing, every SINGLE time.

Even though there are a few annoying similarities between both books, this is not a negative review, to say the least. My obsession with the gorgeous Garrett Johnson, the overall message of the story, and T. A. Chase’s incredible, descriptive and emotional writing urges me to give High Line 5 stars!

Rating: 5 Stars!
~ Leslie Lee Sanders

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