Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Holiday Shorts by Leslie Lee Sanders...Coming Dec. 2010!

Get ready 'cause here they come . . .

Designed by Mina Carter.
Coming soon! December 2010!

All About a Kiss: Can Jasmine summon the courage to let a gorgeous stranger show her the meaning of pure pleasure on this Christmas Eve?

Three-way Kisses: Can Kyla convince Mike to let go of his inhibitions and indulge in a little three-way fun on this Christmas Eve?

Kiss and a Handshake: Alex tries desperately to stop thinking of what could be with Zak and tries to enjoy the hard body in his arms. Can he succeed this Christmas Eve?

Leslie Lee Sanders


  1. OH wow.... Nice covers for a hussy for Christmas!!!! What.. hussy's can be nice to get presents!!!!! Thanks for showcasing!

  2. not only are those awesome covers,they also sound like really great Christmas stories.

  3. Thanks, girls! I will post blurbs soon, and who knows. I may also do a few giveaways. *wink*