Monday, November 29, 2010

Final Weekly Promo And Giveaway! The Evening Edition #3ACB

Okay people.. Its been too quiet here lately except for the catfight between a couple ladies here who shall remain nameless. *grin*

Besides I love hearing or reading about a good catfight, lol....please continue on with catfight...

I am in need some action here. So I am going to do something a little different ..

This week will be the final fist fight.. (Thanks E!) I mean the final round to be entered for your chance to win any of the books that have been promoted this month.

So ladies and any gents.. Get you recruiting hats on and start recruiting, tweeting with the tag #3ACB and leave some of the crazy comments I have been come to love reading.

Only six?? Books left to be promoted but there can only be one winner! Will that be you?

Ready. . . . Set . . . . Go!!!


Lipstick on His Collar by Inez Kelley
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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60928-250-9
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: November 23, 2010
Cover art by Angie Waters

He never thought his next wildfire would be wearing a red dress.

“Make me your goddess and I’ll take you to heaven.”

This sultry promise sparks a scorching, unforgettable one-night stand. The next morning Bram Winters awakes with a hickey and a head full of wicked memories—alone. His nameless goddess is gone without a trace, along with his shirt. And his heart.

Five months later, he stumbles across his mystery lady in a Laundromat, but she still won’t give up her name. Worse, she begs him to leave, no questions asked. Once he catches the spark of terror in her eyes, though, his firefighter training takes over—and he digs in for the duration.

Lady never wanted Bram to see her life’s ugly underside, but it’s too late—his socks are already in the washer. He was supposed to be her declaration of independence from her unstable ex, a bittersweet memory to carry into her new life.

Except the ex continues to stalks her. And Bram’s reappearance sends her emotions and desires tumbling over the edge. As the minutes wear on, sexual tension rises faster than the steam from a hot water wash.

And Lady’s ex watches from the shadows, growing more furious by the minute…

Warning: Scorching sex, icy scissor play and an anonymous woman taking a wet slide down one hot ex-fireman’s pole. Beware of hot flashes and spontaneous combustion. Correct change not required.


  1. Lipstick on his Collar is a hot read,I loved it.

    ok,ok..stop a second **bends over, hands on knees,panting out of breathe**

    **Cecile comes closer**
    aha..**ninja quick move, reaches out and grabs a fistful of hair,wheels her around**
    how do you like my moves now

    **tosses her to the floor**

    woohoo..who's the bull now.hahaha
    ** bounces up and down..grabs boobs**

    **Cecile burst out laughing**



  2. OH yeah, this is an awesomely, hot book!!! Have read it too!!! Oh yeah.. very good *nighty night* read!

    Hehehehe.. See what happens when you get old, lol! Out of breath...

    Oh damn... what the he....

    **ouch** The floor on my back is not a new position to me... hehehe... But it's okay.

    **Cecile does her new kung-fu moves and pops up off the floor**

    Ohhh honey, I am more bull than you are... Just watch out for my sneaky hands...

    **Grabs Elaing8's hands and twist her around... and whispers in her ear...**

    Honey... when it is a book up for grabs, I will do anything.. heheheheh....

  3. damn those new kung-fu moves

    **pushes hair out of face**
    **backs up**

    oh sister you don't have to tell me about what we'll do for books

    **runs at Cecile,knocks her to floor**
    *straddles her**
    now how are your precious kung-fu moves gonna save you

    I've been having a baaaaadd day....
    **slaps Cecile**
    The book is mine **tilts head back,evil laughter**

  4. Oohhhh yeah.... **Cecile says while Elaing8 straddles her** You... puff... Do... puff.. Realize... puff... This is what most men dream of... puff...

    **Cecile uses those new yoga moves and takes her legs and uses them as leverage to roll Elaing8 over**

    Hahahahahahahahah... Now who is laughing....

    **Cecile says while she is sitting on top of Elaing8**