Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day #4 Promo and Giveaway!! Tempting Thurday! #3ACB

I am going to give one lucky commenter/minion a chance to win a ebook gift certificate from MBaM.

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Giveaway ends this Saturday evening.

Now onto today's promo:

“Honor Bound” by Myla Jackson

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Genre: Historical Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60928-235-6
October 26, 2010
Cover art by Natalie Winters

If it feels right, do it…even if it could get you killed.

Bound and Tied, Book 1

After months of isolation—and celibacy—claim partners Zach Braun and Jake Thompson finally discover gold. And, as their celebration spills over into forbidden lust, an unexpected sexual attraction to each other rises. Then they discover they’re not alone…and the spy is trying to make off with their clothes and their gold.

On the run from an Indian captor, parson’s widow Honor Whitaker is hungry, desperate, and determined to never let another man control her. Stumbling upon two men touching each other in an extraordinary way, she finds herself mesmerized by their tryst. And scandalously aroused by a totally different kind of hunger.

Catching the little thief is easy, but Zach can think of only one way to silence Honor’s panicked babbling. Kiss her senseless. One sample of her delightful lips leads to more…then to a night where Zach and Jake show her that a man’s control over her body isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Even as the three learn to let go of the notion that pleasure is the devil’s work, someone else is watching. Someone who’s out to reclaim what’s his.

Warning: This title contains hot ménage a trois scenes, man love, bondage, and two lonely, sexy cowboys/miners who find that catching a thief only takes a little bit of rope and a whole lot of lovin’!


  1. I have this already on my wish list. I really want to read this one.



  2. OHhhh wow..... For sure this one is on my list. I mean... helloo... Did you read about this one... Umm yeah! I want it.. Memememememememe... Okay please count me in.. I promised myself I would not beg, lmbo! Yeah right...
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