Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight Promo --- Dragon Borne by Chandra Ryan

Here's my choice today's spotlight promo!!

Title: Dragonborne
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Length: Novella
Published By: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 4/27/2010
ISBN: 978-1-60504-990-8

Read Online Excerpt here and buy now here

For her people, she’d sacrifice anything. For her, he’ll sacrifice everything.

When the children of her village start dying of a mysterious plague, Sophie refuses to believe it’s the will of their deity. As the town cleric, she’s always followed the church’s strict rules, but enough is enough. She vows to do anything to find a cure—even if it means defying the church.

The giant black dragon she finds injured and poisoned near the abbey seems beyond her ability to heal. Until he suddenly shifts into a dangerously handsome man who, even in his weakened state, is a temptation beyond her ability to resist.

Reuel has never trusted humans, but this delicate young woman entrances him with more than her beauty. Her bravery, devotion and passion call to his wounded heart, and he’s moved to lend his magic to her cause. Magic that is not only powerful, it’s all too tempting to abuse—something his family has never let him forget.

Sophie is hopeful when Reuel solves the secret of the plague, until one healing uncovers a sickness that runs far deeper than the children’s vulnerable bodies. Now she is being persecuted, and to save her, Reuel may have to become the monster his family believes him to be…

Warning: Contains a stubbornly sexy cleric who’d rather have her hands tied to a headboard than exhibit any self-control, a shape-shifting dragon who’s too busy running from himself to see where he’s going, an epic dragon battle, and sex in the great outdoors.

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