Monday, March 08, 2010

Three's A Crowd ::Mega March Giveaway:: (Now Closed)

Hey all! Sorry there hasn't been any posts lately. But to make it up to you I am hosting a month long giveaway!

What are the prizes?  Well if you must know check them out below!

How about What a Girl Wants by Leslie L Sanders?

Trisha has a lot on her mind and it all relates to her material possessions. Her neighbor Kato tries convincing her that he can make her happy, as her lover, but she’s convinced that he has nothing to offer. Later he shows up with a gift and her desire peaks. She can’t refuse the gift or him.

But they both have secrets.

Trisha’s been sleeping with Kato’s best friend, Bryson. He’s the rough bad boy that knows what a girl wants. But when the boys put on a late night window show, she’s left aroused and surprised. Is Kato sleeping with Bryson too?

Feelings start to emerge which leaves her confused and intrigued. She’s an exhibitionist with an obsession for material things, and two gorgeous men want her. Can she erase her greedy side? Can she make them all one happy trio?

Or how about Domination Plantation by Destiny Blaine?

Jules and Brogan Evans aren’t in any position to help out with their brother’s daughter, but they aren’t the kind of men to turn away family when one of their own is in need.

Besides, surely they can manage a teenager for one month. They stand by that belief until their eighteen year-old niece shows up with match-making ideas on her mind and the perfect candidate at her side.

Serena Evans doesn’t understand why her uncles are so upset. They were willing to open up their home to her, why not her best friend, Jenna? Most men love Jenna, after all.

And there lies the problem.

Jules and Brogan run a large cattle ranch, a successful livestock operation by day and the city’s favorite hang out spot at night. They’re known around town for the parties they throw but when their niece and her friend show up, all good things come to an abrupt end, until Serena returns home to sit by her mother’s bedside and the Evans brothers discover Jenna has no place to go and little motivation to leave.

Caution: This is one hot book that includes menage and D/s sexual situations.

No? Well then, how about Rules of Desire by Leah Brooke?

[Ménage Amour 100: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, Contemporary] 

Erin Robinson moved to Desire, Oklahoma to be with her pregnant sister, unprepared for the dynamics of her new home. Menage and Dom/sub relationships prevail in a town where the men protect their women at all costs.

Men had always been more trouble than they were worth. Erin can't imagine trying to put up with any man. Three would be impossible! But the men in Desire are different than any she has ever known. How can she resist men who earn her respect and aren't the least bit intimidated by her temper? When someone tries to kill her, Jared, Duncan and Reese Preston scramble to protect her. At the same time, they're determined to show her just how good having three men in her bed can be.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Still not satisfied? Then how about these three novels by Joss Ware?

I am going to have FOUR winners!

Three Winners will win all three EBOOK novels above.

And one follower will win all three Joss Ware PRINT books.

If Three's A Crowd gets 50 followers I will add another winner. 100 Followers another winner will be added and so forth until there's seven winners.
Since its an ebook, everyone who has an email can enter to win.
You just have to do three things to enter. 
Tweet message:
+5 I just entered Three's A Crowd Blog Giveaway
+2 Be a blog follower
+3 Leave some comment love for any of the posts in this blog.
Bonus Points
+50 If you purchase any of Leslie L. Sanders books
+50 If you purchase any of Destiny Blaine's books.
+50 If you purchase any of Leah Brooke's books.
Forward me the proof of purchase receipt email with the sensitive material blanked out to strictlyreviews at live dot com with the subject Three's a Crowd Blog Giveaway.
Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!


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  8. They are definitely HOT,HOT,HOT, lol!!

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