Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Official Super Sexy Saturdays Novel Day

Welcome to the very First Super Sexy Saturday Novel Day. I will be posting seven super sexy novels for your pleasure. Here's the first one and in no particular order.

Novel #1 Beast Master by Vonna Harper

As Ber, Beast Master of the Puma clan, prowls Puma Mountain, he tracks down an unexpected intruder and finds not a foe, but the last thing he ever expected to find—the woman who can answer to the sexual beast inside him. But more than his needs are at stake. Luann’s Deer clan is dying, and she is their only hope.

The Beast, a massive and ancient puma and Ber’s companion, watches their every movement. Even as Ber comes to see his captive as a human being, as the woman who could be the answer to years of loneliness, the Beast reminds Ber of his savage roots.

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