Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Add Your Email Address To TAC's Mailing List

Admin and I had a talk about the shotty login system and we came to the conclusion that it's no longer needed. The point of having a login system was to provide a sense of community surrounding TAC and to store user email for TAC news and updates.

Since fixing the login system would require us to reinstall the program and also require users to sign up again, we decided it would be a nuisance. Instead, we found a solution! An email form.

So now if you want news and updates you have the option to signup. You will have access to TAC parts if you add your email to our database or not. That's right, it's not a requirement anymore.

Another thing, if you decide you no longer want TAC news or updates you can use the same form to send that request.

Quick, easy and optional.

(To add email hover over the HOME tab on the navagation bar or scroll to the bottom of the TAC story page.)

Leslie Lee Sanders

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